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Vehicle Information Report

The Vehicle Information Report is an important information source when buying or selling a previously owned vehicle. Sellers can present the report as part of a vehicle sales package. As a buyer, the Vehicle Information Report will help you to make an informed decision. The report is not intended to replace a mechanical inspection.

The following information is found on the Vehicle Information Report:

Date and Time - the date and time that the report was printed. Information in the report is only current at the date and time it is produced as it is subject to change at any time after the report is printed.

Vehicle Description - the year, make (e.g. Chrysler, Ford), model (e.g. Voyageur, Aerostar), style (e.g. 2-door, 4-door), color and fuel type (e.g. gasoline, propane)

Vehicle Status - the current status of the vehicle, and if applicable, the last date that the vehicle was written-off.

Vehicle Registration - registration information will tell you the date Alberta Registries first entered the vehicle in its records. The report will give you the latest registration date and the municipality where the registrant resided. This information is also provided for the seven most recent registrations, based on information available since December 1993.

Licence Plate Classification - the latest licence plate classification (e.g. passenger, commercial, farm or rental). Up to seven of the most recent licence plate classifications can be reported.

Lien Information - the number of liens and other related instruments which are registered in the province of Alberta and associated with the serial number.

Should the VIR reveal a lien registered against the vehicle and you wish to know the details, a lien search must be conducted in Personal Property.

Buying a vehicle that came from British Columbia? We can also conduct a search for you with I.C.B.C. to obtain an accident history in that Province.

Should you want to really check that vehicle out, we also offer CarProof reports. Their Alberta Used Vehicle Information report includes live time information such as:

  1. Vin Decode
  2. Summary Report
  3. Locate which jurisdiction the vehicle is/was registered in across Canada
  4. Provide the branding on the vehicle (salvage, stolen, non-repairable, rebuilt, unfit, abandoned, sold, moved, incorrect VIN, normal) for each jurisdiction the vehicle is/was registered
  5. U.S. History Information –direct from Experian/Autocheck ($20 US value for this element alone)
  6. Odometer information from various sources in Canada and the US
  7. Third party records for vehicle etching and import data
  8. Provide Insurance history information including where and when the vehicle was insured, accident claims information (over 35 million records) and pre-insurance inspection information (Ontario only –over 2 million records)


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