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Advance Your Driving - May 26th, 2014

Road tests. Everyone hates them. After all, you are literally driving around with a stranger in the passenger seat passive aggressively judging every decision you make and nearly causing you to drive off the road every time they make another mark on the paper that will decide whether or not you’re going to drive.

They are nerve wracking and I, for one, would be perfectly happy to never have to go on another road test in my life. One was good enough thank you very much.


Road Testing tips and tricks - April 28th, 2014

Your heart is pounding. Your hands sweating. You can’t remember anything you read, or any of the practicing you’ve done. And now, this is it. You’re about to go on your road test.

The fear that comes with the test is natural, but we can help keep it in check with just a few little tips and tricks that will put you on the right path to getting your first license.




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